“I was born an artist, always being excited at the beauty of nature. The need to be close to nature has always beat in my heart. The song of the birds, the wind rustling leaves, and the sound of water soothe me. I feel safest in the middle of the woods, on a mountaintop, or deep in the desert. I love to paint all things organic. Like most artists I have evolved from copying what I see into painting looser, more stylized paintings. I enjoy abstracting nature and invite the viewer into the canvas to splash playfully with the color and contrasts.


Linda Pullinsi is a Phoenix artist who is known for her use of rich, bold color to create uplifting works of art. Her favorite subjects are birds, fish, flowers, and all things organic. Pullinsi’s paintings are created in multiple layers of archival watercolors and brilliant acrylics & oils on paper and canvas.

Linda is a juried member of the Arizona Watercolor Association and has served on their board. She has received numerous awards in watercolor and portrait competitions. Her works of art are in corporate collections throughout the United States and in private collections throughout the world.

An encouraging teacher, she is a popular instructor of both children and adults. Her positive nature helps corporate groups to free their creative spirit and express themselves with paint, wonderful for team building!  She now brings her teaching expertise into your home with her Perfectly Personal Painting Parties. Linda also leads small creative retreats to beautiful locations throughout the Southwest.

Linda is passionate about sharing the joy of creating with others. Ms. Pullinsi has taught art for several years including running her own art school, teaching at Paradise Valley Community College, and currently at Scottsdale Artists’ School. Linda has been a volunteer with Free Arts of Arizona for the past twenty years sharing the healing effects of the arts with abused and neglected children and was voted Volunteer of the Year for 2006. In 2011 she was given a Governor’s Award for being an Outstanding Mentor.

community art project at local shelter
“It is vital that when educating our children’s brains that we do not neglect to educate their hearts”
- Dalai Lama